• VISION/What: Laughter is the indicator of happines and science proved that happy people live longer. Life proved that humans, pets and even plants only like to be around happy people. So, you better start laughing more. Plus, when you take things too seriously, including yourself, everything goes haywire.
  • SCOPE/Why:  When you cannot say it, print it on your belongings and show it off. Spark a conversation, an argument, or simply nip the chatter in the bud. You control the outcome. Shopping here may improve your social interactions. If not, who needs haters, anyway? Either way, it's a win-win.
  • MISSION/How: Creating, producing, selling artistic and intellectual goods, and, then, buying various other products and services with the monies earned. So, nothing special. Just contributing to keeping the economy alive, in a rather cheefurl manner.
  • FABART.IST is a division of the FLORIANA FABIAN company and abides by its policies.  


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